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Whether to create a home movie, edit a professional video or upload a comedy skit on YouTube, it is the perfect advantage to have the top video editing softwares on hand. A completely capable video editing program can make you accomplish all of three processes involved: capture those memorable family moments, organize those clips and attach special effects to create a client’s output requirements, and share the end product online to share with everyone. But then, why stop at just a capable software? Using a top editing video software editor can make your creations look like they were done by a pro or if you are a pro, all the functions needed to accomplish the task is found in just one powerful product!

PowerDirector9, the newest offering from Cyberlink, one of the premier providers of digital video solutions, has bested the competition this year. Although considered to be a late player in the industry, Cyberlink has come up with what

My Top Video Editing Sofwares Choice

One of the top choice for Top Video Edting Softwares in the actuality

is the world’s first top video editing softwares that supports 64-bit Windows. Powerdirector scores high in all of the top video editing software comparisons.  It garners top ranking in the following categories: ease of use, capture and playback of video, effects, editing tools for audio and photos, export capabilities and even user support.


Some Top video editing software comparisons


PowerDirector has a full suite of powerful editing tools that allow video quality enhancement, noise removal, photo importing and editing including 3D effects, audio editing with WaveEditor, previews in HD quality real time and much more. Another breakthrough of PowerDirector that makes it the top video editing softwares is its proprietary True Velocity capability which is found only in Cyberlink products. Unlike other video editing software where running a powerful program significantly slows down the computer, True Velocity ensures a speedy and satisfying editing experience. The technological breakthrough is a fusion of several software and hardware methods that really make for quick responses and manageable data handling.

DirectorZone, the online community of PowerDirector is a great source of support material including thousands of downloadable tutorials, special effects and templates. Users can ask more experienced editors for tips and recommendations. Users can also showcase their completed projects and in turn see how others have done theirs. Best of all, with all of its features and capabilities, PowerDirector is more affordable compared to other powerful top video editing softwares. A trial version is available for download.



Top Free Video Editing Softwares to Choose From

If affordability is in question, then there are also the top free video editing softwares available to choose from.  Two good choices would be Windows Movie Maker, installed in computers that run on Windows and Avidemux, which is an open source video editing software. Both software have a robust enough set of features that offer the basic functionalities of creating, editing and sharing your videos. They are also very appropriate for beginners and non-professionals.

The top video editing softwares, free or not, is a must for anyone with the imagination to capture and share their video creations.